ski tour

The highlight of the winter experience

The completely untouched nature, the peaks of the Zillertal mountains, the fresh powder snow. The summit in view, the valley in the back. And when things do not go up, they pull you over the white slopes back to the valley. Never before are adventure, serenity and the feeling of having done something great as close together as on a ski tour in the Zillertal Alps.


You will get to know the most breathtaking places and the most beautiful slopes on our guided tours with our experienced mountain guides.

Hoher Riffler 3.228 m - Tuxer Alpen/Hauptkamm

...very variable and deverse tour.

Starting point: Hintertux, Tuxer Fernerhaus - 2nd section of the Zillertaler Gletscherbahn
Altitude difference: 600 m ascent; 1.700 m descent
Duration: 5 - 6 hours
Best season: March until June
Huts: Spannagelhaus, 2.535 m - 100 m below Tuxer Fernerhaus
Level of difficulty: ascent is quite easy, the descent is very difficult, because of the deverse conditions of the descent -  you have to be a very skilld skiier in terrain!
Equipment: skiing irons
Characteristic: The Hohe Riffler is one of the most beautiful ski tours in the Tuxertal. But the mountain is very dangerous because of the various snow- and descent conditions. Therefore you will have a fantastic view: Hochferner, Schwarzenstein, Großer Mösler, Hochfeiler,..

Ascent: With the Glacier Bus 1 and 2 up to the Tuxer Fernerhaus (2.660 m). Then you have to go over a small up hill grade - continue to the Gefrorene Wand in the direction of Schwarzbrunnerkees. Under the big rocks ist's quite steep. After that you will reach the Federbettkees at north of the Riffler. At the end you just have to go up over the gently back of the Riffler to the top.

Downhill: from Schwarzbrunnerkees directly to Kleegrube
a) to the bottom station and the parking
b) or from the Schwarzen Platte to north to the ski slopes of section 2 and per lift transportation back to the middle station.

Rastkogel 2.762 - Tuxer Voralpen

...experience more about the alpine ski tours.


Starting point: Tux-Vorderlanersbach - mountain station 8er Horbergjoch 2.500m
Altitude difference: 400 m ascent, 600 m to 1.000 m descent
Total duration: 2,5 -3 hours
Best season: February until March
Huts: non, descent to Weerberg: Rastkogelhut 2.117 m or descent to Geiselalm: Geislerhof: 1.611 m.


Characteristics: The Rastkogel is plainly the alpine ski tours mountain. Neither from north over the Rastkogelhut (start Weerberg/Innerst) approx. 5 hours or from the Tux site over the Geiselalm 1.838 m approx. 4 hours reachable. The easiest ascent: use of the Rastkogelbahn, from the mountain station approx. 1,5 hours to the top of the Rastkogel.

Specials: in winter powder snow, in spring wide corn snow slopes, also a stunning view.

Downhill: The descent is not over the ascent, but underneath the top, right to wers in the wide recess of the Lämmerbichlalm. In this great skiing area you can drive down to a altitude of 2.100 m. There you can ascent to the Lämmerbichl 2.287 m in 30 minutes and take the descents to Tux-Vorderlanersbach. Or you go ahead to the Geiselalm and back toTux-Vorderlanersbach. Return to the Rastkogelhütte: descent where you ascent.

Grübelspitz 2.395 m - Tuxer Voralpen

...experience more about the mountain with the most beautiful view.


Starting point: Tux-Lanersbach - mountain station Eggalm - drag lift "Beillift" 2.300 m
Altitude difference: 100 m ascent, 1.100 m descent
Total duration: 2,5 hours
Best season: December until April
Huts: non, just in the skiing area Eggalm


Characteristics: The short ascent - with the Eggalmlbahn - taps an indiscribable great descent: a classical tour for beginners!


Specials: The Grübelspitze offers one of the most beautiful views in the Tux Alps.


Downhill: over east-hills and the Waldhoaralm (1.850 m) to the valley, until the alp great ski area, then over a lane and a forest road to the valley. over north: in a recess (Eggerkar) over a forest road to the chair-lift Eggalm Nord to the skiing area Eggalm or back to Tux-Lanersbach.